Heating Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance Best Fresno Appliance RepairOf all household engineering systems, heating system has the greatest complexity. It is not only the correct calculation and installation that is important, but also the work to maintain operability. Heating system uninterrupted operation requires vigilant monitoring of the state. Regular inspection is very important part in servicing the heating equipment. The distribution network is inspected annually and begins with an assessment of the condition of welds and other pipeline connections. The heating main, starting from the boiler room, is checked for leaks, traces of limestone or rust, any damage.

Inspection of the boiler room includes a monthly check of the chimney with a flame, simulation of an open hearth to check flame, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. We recommend checking the tightness of pipelines once a year.

The general maintenance of the boiler room equipment is carried out at an annual frequency. This part includes internal inspection and / or development of the shut-off valve stroke, stuffing box seals in serviced valves and valves are also replaced.

They clean the filters of the circulation pump and water treatment systems, including all other piping fittings are checked and calibrated: pressure reducers, de-airing valves and automation.

Annual inspection and maintenance are traditionally scheduled for late summer or early fall, when the heating system prepares for a new heating season. However, even during the operation, it is possible to arrange a scheduled inspection, since the whole range of maintenance work and correct start-up does not take much time.

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By means of mechanical cleaning or by parts’ complete replacement some blockages inside the heat exchanger and boiler piping are removed. These methods are poorly applicable to the distribution part of the system; its conditional passage is restored by flushing under pressure using special chemical solvents.

You can entrust not only installation, partial or complete repair, but also maintenance of your HVAC system to our professional, high qualified and friendly team.