The problems with refrigerator ice makers can be one of the following listed down here:

1.) Producing thin ice,

2.) Failure to make ice at all

Broken Ice Makers? Fresno Appliance Repair

As we are already in warmer weather and cooler drinks are very necessary you will certainly need these three quick fixes whenever experiencing a troublesome ice maker:

  • Make sure the temperature is zero degrees F or -18⁰ C. It can be lower too.

If your ice maker’s temperature is above this, your machine may be having difficulty to properly take away heat from the unit. Clean the coils mostly found beneath the appliance unit. Keep in mind that these should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. On most brands, you can remove the bottom grill from the back to access the coils, be careful with the fan though as the damage will bring up other issues. Get rid of the dust and fur around the coil of the appliance.

  • Check with the water pressure.

Water pressure can bring to the failure of making ice in many ways. There should be a minimum of 20 PSI of water pressure for the appliance to function properly.

For the fix, turn off the water and disconnect the supply line from the water valve which is for most brands placed behind the fridge, hold the line over a bucket and follow this process by turning the water back on.

  • Make sure the frost buildup on your ice maker‘s evaporator coils.

Evaporator coils for frost buildup can cause issues too. Accessing those evaporator coils should be done carefully and sometimes with the help of a servicemen. A consistent amount of frost on each coil is a must. If not all coils contain frost, then the system must either have a leak or some type of a restriction must be apparent.

However, this case requires more of a professional help and you can easily with your refrigerator’s model number, name of the brand contact to our Fresno Appliance Repair. You can schedule service, contact by phone 559 960 0798 and have your ice maker fixed in no time.

Broken Ice Makers? Fresno Appliance Repair

Fresno Appliance Repair has replacement parts for your ice makers and many other home appliances and our experienced repairmen will guarantee the same day high quality service with results to be satisfied with with any brand or kind of a malfunction.

Whatever issue there is for repair service of your appliance head to Fresno Appliance Repair, CA or schedule online. 

Broken Ice Makers? Fresno Appliance Repair


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