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Commercial Refrigeration

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Whether you are selling food, beverages or medicine, choosing a reliable commercial refrigerator will help keep your products fresh for a long time and guarantee high quality. Today, commercial refrigerators are widely used not only in professional institutions where food or medicine must be cold and fresh, but also in many spheres, like vegetable stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, schools and other entities; for offices or institutions that require a large volume of refrigerator, a commercial refrigerator is the best option.

We repair the commercial refrigerators and freezing equipment of any brand, model and type, such as vertical refrigerators, big fridges, coolers, horizontal, and display fridges, and under counter commercial refrigerators.

Vertical refrigerators, also known as receiving refrigerators, are popular choices. They are the ideal choice for commercial kitchens as they are small and space saving. The storage volume of upright refrigerators is determined by cubic feet. They have horizontal racks that are used to store food. The shelves are easy to store and organize. You can find a large upright freezer and refrigerator with adjustable shelving to help optimize storage space. These refrigerators are packed with superior features.

Large restaurants and hotels require huge cold storage space because they need to store a lot of food. Coolers or huge fridges provide large capacity to create different zones for different food items. These freezers are easy to customize as you can add shelving to suit your needs. Add shelving for maximum storage and easy organization.

Horizontal or chest refrigerators are popular choices for commercial use as they are capable of storing large quantities of food and are much cheaper to operate than freezers. You can find them in various sizes and useful features.

Display fridges If you want to present food on display, you will need to invest in glass door technology designed to display food.

Undercounter refrigerators are ideal for small kitchens. They can be placed under the counter, which not only saves space, but also provides easy access to food. There are many models available in the market and you can find the ones that suit your storage requirements. They play an important role in improving the efficiency of the food service, since staff do not have to rush to the warehouse area to get the food you need. They are packed with superior features that enhance its functionality and help control energy consumption.

Our competent and well-experienced staff can fix the malfunction of any complexity. We repair the equipment of all well-known brands, like Samsung, LG, and commercial freezing equipment brands, such as Irbis, Westfrost, Polair, Rivacold and many others.

If you are interested in professional installation, full or partial repair of a commercial refrigerator, just contact our reliable service!

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Refrigerator

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The main function of all commercial refrigerators is to keep food, drinks or medicine fresh. Despite the general function, most commercial refrigerators have additional functions and different capabilities. Our experts introduced some of the main differences between these devices, which can help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Commercial refrigerators can be pull-out, two-temperature, bar refrigerators, display refrigerators, merchandisers and many others.

Pullout refrigerators can be opened from the front. Average widths from 26 to 87 inches, most models have a glass door or stainless steel door. Such models are very common in domestic kitchens.

Two temperature refrigerators are part of fridge-freezers and usually have two separate temperature zones. Such refrigerators are used in large kitchens, where different temperature conditions must be observed to store various products.

Bar refrigerators are mainly used in bars or to store drinks, wines and ice. Depending on preferences, bar refrigerators can be of three types: a refrigerator with a cooler for demonstrating alcohol, with an outlet for pouring directly from a keg, and a hybrid bar refrigerator, which is a combination of all three types of bar refrigerators.

Display refrigerators are most commonly used in cafes, bakeries or self-service areas where customers can browse and select food while maintaining the optimum temperature for food freshness. This model has one drawback, such refrigerators are not intended for long-term storage of food.

Refrigerator merchandisers are the most widely used refrigerators. They are found in supermarkets, large stores, and most food businesses. These models usually have glass doors to display their contents.

Specialty under-counter refrigerators are much smaller and more compact than vertical refrigerators and are used primarily to store food for immediate and easy access.

Today, the commercial refrigerator market offers the richest selection of appliances, including custom-made refrigerators.

Our company has been operating in the market for the repair and maintenance of commercial refrigerators since 2005. During this period, we have assembled a large team of competent employees and completed dozens of projects.

If you need professional service for the installation, repair or maintenance of any type of commercial refrigerator, just call us. We offer high quality work at the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price.

Аll commercial refrigerators are designed to keep food fresh, not all are created equal and have the same capabilities. Our experts have prepared information on some of the most popular models, their main differences, which can help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Refrigeration equipment for cafes and restaurants

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Refrigeration equipment for restaurants is a necessary attribute for hotel, restaurant, and cafe. It is impossible to organize production processes in a cafe or restaurant related to the use of food in such a way that it is not necessary to put unused food in storage, for example, in refrigerated cabinets for restaurants.

The volume of the refrigerator cabinet for bars is from 50 liters. To store wine in bars and cafes, a special wine refrigerator is used, which has a number of differences from a conventional refrigerator. A refrigerated cabinet with glass doors is used to demonstrate an assortment of low alcohol and soft drinks. Such cupboard for drinks can be single-leaf and double-leaf (swing or compartment).

This model of beverage refrigerator holds up to 120 small cans and 6 bottles of wine. Volume 3.2 cubic feet. This model is ideal for home use, as well as in small bars and cafes. The refrigerator is equipped with a convenient internal LED lighting, is silent and is intended only for cooling drinks. Made of stainless steel. Tempered glass door with three adjustable shelves.

Commercial Refrigerator Freezer—Arctic Air

Refrigerator Freezer—Arctic Air

Large restaurants, canteens and other catering establishments place medium-temperature and low-temperature refrigerating chambers of the required volume in the back room. Depending on whether the product will only be stored in the chamber or whether rapid cooling (freezing) of the product is required, the budget required to purchase refrigeration equipment for canteens and carry out its installation can vary significantly.

Refrigerators for restaurants usually do not differ from standard refrigeration equipment for retail outlets, because its performance remains at an external temperature of up to 32-40 ° C. They mainly use refrigeration equipment for cafes with blind doors. There is no need to show the products to customers and this allows to some extent reduce the energy consumption of refrigerated cabinets.

A refrigerator for a restaurant can have a volume of 300 to 1400 liters and is intended for storing products either at an average temperature (-5 / + 5 ° C), or at a low temperature (-18 ° C). The refrigerator for a restaurant has a maximum loading rate of about 250 kg per 1 m3 of cabinet volume.

Refrigerators display can be used for demonstration and short-term storage of food products in retail outlets, shops, cafes, bars, exhibitions and other public places. Professional refrigerated display cases are perfect for showing the customer the variety of your assortment.

The base of these refrigerators is mainly stainless steel. Two layers of insulating glass, blower fan system, sliding door, stainless steel basket shelves, LED indicator

Refrigerator Biryusa

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This model is used for storing and displaying cold dishes, pastries, snacks and drinks. Thanks to durable glass, it is possible to carry out the demonstration and safety of goods. The model has four adjustable shelves. The total useful volume of such refrigerators is 290 liters.Defrosting type – drip. The number of refrigerator shelves, height and width vary depending on the model.

Refrigeration equipment for storing medicines

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Most medicines require storage at temperatures well below room temperature. Failure to comply with these requirements, the pharmaceutical properties of drugs can be significantly reduced up to complete disappearance. Such storage of medicines makes them inferior or completely unusable.

Modern commercial refrigeration equipment for a grocery store serves as a reliable way of storing goods, as well as displaying them for sale. Its main difference from standard refrigerators is its increased capacity and presentation appearance, which can significantly increase the attractiveness of the product. There are several main types of commercial refrigeration equipment for shops and supermarkets.

Refrigeration equipment for storing and selling meat

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Meat should be stored exclusively in refrigerators or freezers, chests or refrigerators (sandwich panel modules), which use monoblocks or split systems for cooling.

The storage temperature of frozen meat differs depending on how long the meat is supposed to be stored, but usually at -18 ° C the meat can be stored for 8-10 months; at a temperature of -25 ° C – a year, and beef even 18 months.

Refrigerated display cases with a combined mode will be indispensable for sale: the temperature in them is from -5 to + 5 ° C, which allows you to sell meat in the most comfortable conditions for it.

Nowadays there are many models of commercial refrigerators; each of them has its own unique functions. However, basically, all commercial refrigerators are designed to keep food, drinks, medicine, and more fresh.

Our company is engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial refrigerators of all models, brands and types. We cooperate with individuals and the commercials, and implement commercial repair and fix of your freezing equipment in a possibly short time and by the acceptable prices. Our competent masters have vast experience in work with commercial refrigerators and freezing equipment; we implemented hundreds of completed works and an army of satisfied clients. We use only high-quality parts and modern technology for fast and accurate diagnostics. If you need a quick response, individual approach and high- quality services by the most reasonable prices in area, just give us a call or make an online appointment.