Your dishwasher not cleaning properly? Having some trouble with your dishwashing mechanic servant? Do you think it’s high time to throw it away? Just sit back and follow our tips before you consider it as garbage. Let’s go deeper into its mechanism and find out what may cause your dishwasher not cleaning properly.

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly Reason #1Excess food on the dishes

dishwasher not cleaningBoth older and recent generations of the dishwashing machines have the functionality of vanishing the food leftover. The older ones had a grinder which was noisy. The newer generation is missing the grinder. They have filters which you need to check and keep clean regularly.
Let’s not risk your machine’s life and before you put the dishes into it, just make sure there is no excess food on the dishes.



Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly Reason #2 Unorganized dishes dishwasher not cleaning

Pay attention to the order of the dishes as it may also cause issues while washing.

  • Place the glasses, bowls, and cups in the top rank. 
  • Insert the plates in the bottom slot. 
  • You can place the pots and pans around the rest of the dishes.

Only make sure you keep the water spray open and don’t prevent it from functioning.


All this may seem so simple, but they may actually be the reason for your dishwasher not cleaning the dishes.
Is it again the time to wash the dishes? Before getting ready with a sponge to wash with hands let’s try to fix the dishwashing machine.
Make sure you clean the dishes, get rid of leftover food and then place them in the machine. Before inserting those into the dishwasher pay attention to the drain filter. Many dishwasher owners may forget about cleaning the filter, or may not even know that it’s required to clean. But if it’s left unclear the leftover may get recycled and find a place inside the machine. It’ll be a reason of unpleasant smell and also it will cause your dishwasher not cleaning properly.

It’s not that hard job to do right? What you need to do, is to watch into the machine at least once a month and make sure you don’t put you daily-use dishes in a dirty place.

Follow our Tips and you will never again face the problem of  dishwasher not cleaning properly!

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