There is a wonderful city located between San Francisco and Los Angeles called Fresno. The city’s name means “ash tree” in Spanish and there is an ash tree on Fresno’s flag. This city is one of the 40 most substantial cities in the United States. People in Fresno mostly involved in agriculture. You may often hear Americans calling California a Golden state. This is not because of the real gold, but because of the wheat fields all over the State.

Fresno is usually called as a city of opportunities. There were and still are many immigrants, that’s how it contains more than 100 nations representatives in one city. There are 8 sister cities of Fresno in the world and one of them is Etchmiadzin /Armenia/.

Fresno probably is the most famous city for Armenians in the US, as it was the hometown of one of the greatest writers of Armenians William Saroyan. The very cozy atmosphere of Fresno is thoroughly described on Saroyan’s Stories, was read by millions and warmed their hearts. William is one of the greatest authors in the world’s literary history.  Fresno citizens appreciate the Willian Saroyan as well as Armenians, they even recognized 31 August as “William Saroyan Day”. To be in Fresno and not to visit William Saroyan’s House Museum would be your big mistake.

Yes, I’m internationally known,

But Fresno’s the city that I call home…/from American Rapper Fashawn’s song/

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