deep clean the stove

How To Deep Clean Your Stove? Perhaps there is no appliance in our kitchens, which is getting dirty as often as the stove.  That is because it is busy cooking all types of delicious meals we like. But a clean stove is a must not only for a pleasant cooking but also an efficient one. So at least once in a year you should undertake to do a deep clean of your stove. That means not only cleaning the burners and grates, but the whole interior of the stove. This is what makes a really clean stove. There are numerous chemical cleaners sold for this purpose, but why spend money when you can have a clean stove with things you can find in every kitchen.

And the secret is in the baking soda and in the vinegar. Below is how it is done;

  1. Open your stove and remove everything: the racks, the thermometer if any, the pizza baking stone and other staff.
  2. Take a mixture of baking soda and water, with a ½ of a cup of soda plus several tablespoons of water. It should become some sort of a paste, so set the proportions as you
  3. Now put on gloves and spread the made pasta all over the interior, but avoid the heating elements. You will see that the pasta becomes brownish as you apply it. Put more on especially greasy surfaces.
  4. Now ideally you should leave it as it is for at least 12 hours, or better overnight. This is so that the soda may “eat the grease”.
  5. Meanwhile, you can clean the racks by simply putting them in the bathtub. Put before that some towels to prevent the racks scratching the surface. Now pour some hot water until all racks are covered. Add some ½ cup of dish washing detergent, make it dissolved and leave the racks for several hours or overnight. After that, use a scrub to remove anything that is left on them, rinse generously and let them dry.
  6. Now back to the oven. When the time passed, take a damp cloth and wipe the soda from all surfaces, take any kind of spatula to remove hard particles, but make sure not to scratch the stove.
  7. Take some vinegar and spray it all over the interior to remove any baking soda left. Take another damp cloth and make the final dry.
  8. Make sure all soda is gone and everything is clean and shiny.
  9. Put everything in and install the racks. Here you go, you are done.


This simple but proven technique will always help you to have a new looking and clean stove in your kitchen. Try and see.