It would seemingly be frustrating when your hard working dishwasher (which does the whole dirty work for you) stops functioning. The one thing that you should keep in mind that whatever you consider a normal usage can cause dishwasher problems over time.

Calling for a maintenance check and getting your dishwasher checked up once a year can assure you that a problem wouldn’t be developing under your watch!

Avoid Dishwasher Problems Tip #1

Check the dishwasher’s door gasket or the rubber seal on the border of the door to realize if there are any damages. If there is, replace it with a new one. The last thing you want is a leaking door which can cause a costly damage to your kitchen floor. Just to avoid such problems wash it with soap and water to keep it watertight.

Avoid Dishwasher Problems Tip #2

Always load your dishwasher cautiously to avoid damaging the racks. These racks are made of from steel wires covered with vinyl materials that can be easily damaged from dishes that have rough edges. These cuts can cause the steel wires to get exposed and get rusted over time when in contact with water. When you see such revealing dishwasher problems, recoat the vinyl materials with new ones to get the steel wires covered again. Besides the racks, the wheels or the rollers that move the racks horizontally can be replaced as well but, it’s often expensive. If you realize that changing the racks are difficult and afraid from wrecking your dishwasher, call the nearest dish washer appliance repair service. So by keeping them in good shape you don’t have to spend useless dollars anymore and can keep your dishwasher away from the nearest junkyard.

Avoid Dishwasher Problems Tip #3

Always check the quality of the detergent for the dishwasher and constantly rinse the aid dispenser. Before hitting the start button, always check if the detergent dispenser door is closed air tightly but can be opened easily during the wash cycle. Moreover, pay a close attention to the dispenser area if it’s leaking or not.

Avoid Dishwasher Problems Tip #4

When your dishwasher is running, in case you hear unusual rattling sounds, hit the stop button quickly. Broken glasses or dishes can cause serious damages to your dishwasher if one of those broken pieces enters the pump. Don’t use your dishwasher until you get it checked up and repaired by your appliance repair technician.

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