Your refrigerator is the only appliance at your home; that never stops working. Let’s assume that you can survive a day or two without a dishwasher or an oven, but just imagine what happens if your refrigerator temperature is not at its optimal level? In that case, you should always maintain your refrigerator in an excellent condition to avoid a consistent breakdown that could cost all your food.  Image result for beautiful refrigerator So by following these tips, you will learn to keep your refrigerator in an exquisite condition to avoid future breakdowns

Maintain & keep Refrigerator Temperature tip #1:

Image result for refrigerator door gasket Keep an eye on the door gasket of your refrigerator. That vinyl strip that is attached to the door and the refrigerator, prevents the chill temperature from escaping, also prevents any heat enter inside the refrigerator. If the vinyl is cracked or torn, the cold will escape and this will damage the efficiency of the performance. So what to do in this case? Try replacing this vinyl strip (door gasket) with a new one that can be found at your nearest local store.

Maintain & keep Refrigerator Temperature tip #2:

Airflow from the condenser coil is necessary for your refrigerator to work efficiently. The condenser coil helps the heat to escape from the refrigerator. If the condenser is covered with dust, this will prevent the heat from escaping, thus will stimulate the refrigerator to work even harder to regulate its temperature. Most refrigerators break down often from this issue, but not stress out! Since most technicians can come and repair your refrigerator for a good, cost in a short period of time. However, if you’re having a hard time, in this case, get a vacuum cleaner and a tablecloth to remove all the dirt and dust from the condenser coil to make way for the heat to escape. You have to give room for your refrigerator to breathe at the end of the day!

Maintain & keep Refrigerator Temperature tip #3:

Always keep your refrigerator top and bottom hinges lubricated to keep them in good shape. When your refrigerator door gets opened and closed a lot, these hinges lose some wear and will result in door failure.

Maintain & keep Refrigerator Temperature tip #4:

Image result for refrigerator door handles Replace any broken door handles whether if it’s the drawers, top shelves, bottom shelves, it doesn’t matter.
Maintain & keep Refrigerator Temperature tip #5:
Pay a close attention to unusual sounds like squeaking or buzzing. If there is one, report and call an appliance repair serviceman

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