You come back home in the evening, open the door of your freezer to get some food and the mess inside drives you mad? You don’t know How to Organize Freezer in 5 minutes? Turn off your freezer right now and take everything out  because today, I’m about to show you how to organize freezer with 5 easy ways so that it will be easier for you to access, and preserve energy on the long run!

How to Organize Freezer


How to Organize Freezer #1 Know what is freezable:

We all wish that everything we had could be stored in the freezer, but there are several foods that just can’t survive in the freezing level such as Vegetables since vegetables contain high moisturizing level and can go bad quickly. Dairy products, as well as fried food, should be kept out of the freezer. So what’s beside these products can be easily stored in the freezer and you don’t have to worry about it!


How to Organize Freezer #2  Label How to Organize Freezer

Labeling your food before storing them in the freezer is the best way for an easy access. Use yellow sticky notes to write down the names and most importantly, the expiry dates because you want to make sure what you about to eat after taking out of the freezer haven’t gone bad.


How to Organize Freezer #3  Use plastic containers

Containers are the best storage methods for all same types of products (meat, beans nuts) could be stored together.

Basically, it will help you for an easier access and guess what? Plastic containers absorb cold much faster, and that will keep your food well chilled. Ziploc bags are also a good place to store your food in if you don’t have a plastic container. Make sure you push out all the air and there isn’t any moisture inside your food to preserve its quality, plus seal it tightly In order to have fresh food ready to go.


Note: Always wait for your warm food to cool down before storing it in the freezer, because what it does it releases Heat and effects on the temperature level of the freezer which will make your freezer work as twice as harder to regulate the temperature. Such actions can cause your freezer to crackdown.


How to Organize Freezer #4: Make sure your freezer is almost full  How to Organize Freezer

Make sure your freezer is almost full: This helps your food inside to stay colder. Basically, what happens is that all your food will huddle up and support each other and stay chilled. Plus it helps your freezer to conserve energy. What you can do is start by filling your empty spaces with ice pack or water bottles which both are extreme cold sources.


How to Organize Freezer#5: Avoid putting ice-cream in the door How to Organize Freezer


Avoid putting ice-cream in the door: Ice-cream is the fastest product that can reach its melting point compared to others, so for that particular reason, don’t put in in the door. What can go on the door are food packs that are more likely to be eaten on regular basis.


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