One day you have your back to the wall discovering that your fridge fails, and it makes you think about what to do. Fridges need daily maintenance and care to help it maintain its Excellency all over its lifespan.

So relax and follow the instructions on how to understand if your fridge is sick:

  1.  Drips from the ceiling: fridge needs repair if you put some hot food in the fridge, it releases water particles into the top of the ceiling and causes drips, so you’d better put a cover on the food. But if that’s not the case, then you have a clogged condensate drain, instantly contact a high-quality repair service to get that issue solved.
  2. The compressor is not running: fridge needs repair if the compressor (which is located at the lower part of your fridge) is not making a low humming sound which is different than of the internal fan, then you should consider replacing the starter on the compressor.


3.Stuck fridge fan:fridge needs repair if you hear a constant change in the sound of the fan when opening the door, it means you have a stuck fridge fan.  Sometimes what happens that the fan blades get stuck against the side or, the fan blades itself goes back and sits against the motor which causes the blades to get stuck.



4.  fridge needs repairFridge is off balance: fridges can be quickly set up unbalanced when not being pedantic. This can cause the refrigerator doors not closing on itself when you let it go, so it’s preferred that you readjust the balance by screwing the two legs on each side evenly and equally.

5.  Torn refrigerator gasket: when touching with greasy hands, or spilling food on the surface where the door gasket attaches to can cause the surface to get sticky by time and can prevent the gasket to be detached from the surface. To avoid such problems, always try to clean the refrigerator gasket and the opposite surface where it attaches. If it is a point that your refrigerator gasket is harshly torn you should consult to your nearest repair service so that they would come and replace the old gasket with a new one.


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