Washer Dryer Combo Pros and Cons

It is Washer Dryer Combo Pros and Cons evident that washing machines were created before drying machines. Before the latter appeared, the laundry was just hanged around on any possible means to dry. And it is still done so in some countries more or less, which sometimes brings conflict with neighbors and very unpleasant feelings in winter times.

With the coming of dryers, the matter of space and winter drying was nicely solved. Moreover, some genius personality has thought to combine them together, that is to make a combo washer dryers.

Very efficient you would say, but are they that beneficial? Let’s see the washer dryer combo pros and cons. 

Washer Dryer Combo Pros and Cons

#1 Pros

  1. Washer dryer combos are usually cheaper than their separate units. That is because less material is needed to produce them than if they are made separately. Besides, it is also done for marketing purposes.

Washer Dryer Combo Pros and Cons       2.Washer dryer combos are especially good if the family has a                      space issue at hand. They occupy less space than if they were                separate.

3.Washer dryer combos are easier to operate and are easier to  repair, since there is only one unit to mend instead of two. Also, washer dryer combos are not so sophisticated as their separate counterparts and thus save time with easy operation and maintenance.

4.Saving time with no presence needed. Ok, with separate machines, you have to come and take out your laundry, place in the dryer and go. With washer dryer combos, you just push some buttons, and go to sleep. After you come back you laundry is washed and dried (in the future – also ironed and hanged properly). Nice.

Washer Dryer Combo Pros and Cons

#2 Cons
washer dryer combo pros and cons

1.Not complete drying. Many complain that the washer dryer combo is not drying their laundry properly, the clothes are coming out damp, and there is a need to hang them out anyway for making sure it is well dried.

2.Taking longer time to dry. According to statistics, the washer dryer combo needs more time to dry the clothes than the standalone dryer.

3.Consumes more energy. Washer dryer combos are known to consume more energy than the separate units thus making them less energy efficient.

4.Mold or mildew scent. Over time the washer dryer combo develops an unpleasant moldy or mildew scent, that is because of more water consumption and not complete drying of the interior.

washer dryer combo pros and cons

With all this said, it is up to you to choose whether to buy a washer dryer combo or have them separate. My conclusion is, well, if you have the space and means, buy two dedicated units and let them do the work they are meant to do.

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