What appliances last the longestWhen we buy a new home appliance, we usually do not think at that moment how long it will last.
We are just happy and think only where to put it. Sure there will be repairs along the way, but the appliance will continue to serve anyway. But it cannot work forever and there will come a time when no repair will help and the old good “friend”      has to say good bye and go. I do not think in our times these things happen, usually we buy a new appliance when we think it must go or we are tired of it and want   something new.

And here comes an interesting question.

What appliances are champions of longevity?  Here is the rating we devised:              

  1. What appliances last the longestWater Heater, Boiler25 years.

    These are absolute champions on all statistics and it is good since they are harder to install and do a very important job.


  1. What appliances last the longest

    Central Air Conditioner – 20 years.                                                                                                                                                                      This is on condition that the proper maintenance will be done; air filters and thermostat batteries will be changed on time.

  1. What appliances last the longestRefrigerator – 15 – 20 years.                                                                                                                                                                              Fridges seem to be designed and made to last forever, but sadly it is not true. It may go even more than 20 years in case of a careful maintenance and very strong loyalty to it.

  1. washing machine instructions Best Fresno Appliance RepairWashing machine – 15 years.

    Leaky doors and poor gaskets start the problems; the rest depends on how well it is repaired.

  1. Dryer – 13 years. Same here as relates to the washers.
  1. gas stove Best Fresno Appliance RepairGas Stove – 13 years.

    Cleaning the stove regularly will not only make it look new and shiny but will prolong its life.

  1. What appliances last the longestDishwasher – 9 years.                                                                                                                                                            What is strange here that the older machines may run longer than the modern ones equipped with all kinds of electronics.



Of course this numbers are relative because much depends on how the device was operated or maintained. Reading instructions just before operation of the appliance and learning the details of its operation and maintenance almost certainly will guarantee longer life. Also, it may be that the specific model will have some invisible defects which in time will become major factors for discarding the appliance.


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