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When it comes down to personal preference, it’s hard to choose between front loading and top loading washing machines since both function efficiently and do their work fast and smoothly. But imagine picking up that last sock you barely reach the bottom of the top loading washing machine.front loading


Moreover, paying a big amount of water bills every month can be frustrating when you know that there are new technologically advanced home appliances that you can replace with the old ones and save large amounts of cash every month. In this case picking front loading over top loading will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life!

Why to pick front loading washing machine tip #1

front loading

  • Water efficiency

Most home appliances consumers don’t know that front loading washing machines only use 14 gallons of water which are far less compared to top loading washing machines which consume about 40 gallons of water (30% more). So the moment you replace your old top loading washing machine with new high efficient front loading washing machines, you will notice the big change in your water bill!

Why to pick front loading washing machine tip #2

front loading

  • Bigger is always better

Since newly produced high efficient front loading machines are equipped with 2-speed-gearbox that has a rotation speed of 2000 RPM (rotation per minute) which is twice as fast of top loading washing machines with a rotation speed of just 1100 RPM. On top of that, front loading washing machines have bigger drums of 20kg. This means that you can wash four winter bed covers in one cycle!

Coming back to the rotation speed, the faster rotation speeds your washing machine has, and the faster clothes will dry. Moreover, since top loading washing machines spin horizontally, it has a higher chance of clothes getting stuck between the spinner and the bottom of the washer. Attempting to remove clogged clothes in this situation can harm the washer and is better call an appliance repair service to handle it professionally and not damage the equipment.

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